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Experience & CV

Sef MaessenI have extensive experience and knowledge in diverse fields ranging from accountancy, auditing and human resource management up to organisational analysis, organisational advice and programme evaluation.

The main specialisations are Financial (Project) Management and Institutional Strengthening.

This was build up by working for organisations in the Netherlands (Tax Auditor and trainer for the Dutch Revenue Service) as well as in Africa (Financial Controller of Muzama Crafts Ltd in Zambia, programme evaluation of Malawi against Polio, administrative reorganisation of the Provincial Water Board of Huila Province in Angola), Asia (administrative analysis of the programme organisations of HealthNet International in Pakistan and Afghanistan), South America (institutional and sectoral analysis of SIBTA, the Bolivian System for Agricultural Technology) and Eastern Europe : co-ordination of environmental, agricultural and income generating programmes in Albania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Romania, Estonia and Ukraine for NOVIB – Oxfam Netherlands.

During 2001/2002 I was the co-ordinator of the programme to strengthen the State Audit Office of Estonia in the framework of Estonia ‘s Acces to the EU. I also formulated the programme to support the Tax Office of Romania with it’s Adaptation to the EU standards. Regularly I give financial management training.

I am also still active as an accountant and tax adviser for Dutch companies and with drafting drafting the annual reports and I am giving support to organisations with the reporting to donors.

Experience record:

2000 – present
Organisational Development / Financial Management (Training) abroad.
Accountancy / Taxes / Administrative support in the Netherlands.

Assignments and work abroad.

2018 – 2019
Saba (Dutch Caribbean)

Auditor Public Finance & Advisor Social Housing

Monitoring of EU Budget Support eligibility and advise on the release of tranches

Selection criteria for renters – Complaint procedures – Rent increase system – Multi annual Maintenance Plan

2017 – 2018
Saba (Dutch Caribbean)

Auditor Public Finance – Monitoring of EU Budget Support eligibility. Advise on the release of tranches – Sector Reform under 11the EDF renewable energy – Application of PEFA standards for evaluation

Afghanistan – Afghan Revenue Service

Tax Expert – Tax Audit advice to and coaching of tax auditors on audits of big & medium enterprises (banks – airlines) – Advice and education to tax payers on accounting and reporting. Application of TADAT and PEFA standards

Ghana – City of Kumasi

Tax expert Support to the City of Kumasi on improvement of local taxes and services. Property tax , business tax.

Saba (Dutch Caribbean)

Auditor Public Finance & Public Debt – Assessment of EU Budget Support eligibility

Sector Reform under 11the EDF renewable energy – Application of PEFA standards for evaluation

Burkina Faso

Auditor Public Finance – Mid term Audit / evaluation of the program to support the improvement of Public Finance & Statistics
Focus on the Tax Department – Relevance Efficiency, Effectiveness, Impact and Durability


Financial Management Advisor

Development of business plans and exploitation plan for the Adjumani District Disabled People Association in Northern Uganda. Marketing plans for border trade with South Sudan.

2013 – 2012

Tax Auditor – Implementation of the Togolese Revenue Agency

Assessment & readjustment of plan. Merger of Tax Office and Customs into one revenue agency

Sierra Leone

Tax Audit Advisor – On the job training of tax auditors in Sierra Leone

Preparation and performance of Tax Audits in Big companies in Sierra Leone

Development of Risk Analysis and Audit Strategy 2010 Sierra Leone

Administrative Auditor

Reorganisation of the accounts department and restructuring of the accounts system including human resources of the Medical Research Center in Freetown

Gabon / Cameroon / Congo Kinshasa.  Mid term evaluation of ECOFAC IV , EU program to support the conservation of the biodiversity and the rainforest of Central Africa.  Operational Auditor with focus on the organisational setup of the program.   French.

Burundi.  Development and performance of training sessions on Public Finance focused on the actual situation in Burundi.   French.

Macedonia. Drafting of the Terms of Reference and a Twinning light fiche for the program to support the Macedomian Tax Office and the Ministry of Finance with the adaptation of the working methods and the rules and legislation of the European Community.  English.

2004 – 2007
Cambodia. Internal Audit and Accounting adviser. Strengthening the audit mechanismes of the Internal Audit Office of the Cambodian Ministry of Education. Assistance on the implementation of the financial and audit reform. Restructuring of the Organigram.

Writing of the Audit Manual. Training of auditors and accounts staff. Several visits till July 2007.
Program financed by the EU.  In English  (sometimes French)

Mozambique . Audit & Evaluation of the multi-annual Food Security Program 2003-2005 of the EC Delegation in Maputo . Focus on the Foreign Exchange Facility for budget support to the agricultural sector. (Field) visits to the Ministry of agriculture, trade & industry and to the national meteorological institute.  In Portuguese.

Formulation of the EC funded programme to modernize the Public Revenue Service of Serbia. Tax auditing and inspection, train the trainers, supply of training material.  In English.

Tax adviser and accountant for small and mediumsized companies in the Netherlands. Tax statements and annual accounts. Judicial, fiscal and corporate advice.

Organisational Development / Financial Management

Training / Accountancy / Taxes / Administrative Support

Bolivia : Institutional and Sectoral Organisational Analysis of the Bolivian System to Develop Agricultural Technology. Program supported by BID, Dutch Embassy, DFID, COSUDE, USAID, GTZ and the Bolivian government Team leader of 3 consultants. Field visits to the implementing agencies. Report with recommendations for strengthening of the system. Assignment of the Royal Netherlands Embassy in La Paz.  Spanish.

Pakistan / Afganistan:

Organisational analysis of the project organisations of Healthnet International (offspring of MsF Amsterdam). Advice on new administrative and control structure for the new ituation of expansion. Reporting to head office. 2 times 6 weeks field visits.  English.

2001- 2002
Estonia :
As the co-ordinator of a project paid by Senter (Dutch ministry of economic affairs) I helped to strengthen the Estonian State Audit Office , being a requirement for Estonia ‘s access to the European Union.  English.

Romania :
I fulfilled a mission for Senter to the Ministry of Finance of Romania in order to formulate a project to support the Adaptation of the Romanian Tax Administration to the EU Standards.  English.

Netherland :
Delivering training courses in Financial Management and Project Management and development of material for financial training as well as for operational audit.

Angola :
Administrative consultant in a project paid by the Dutch Ministry of Development Co-operation. Reorganisation of the organisational and administrative systems of the Water Board of Huila Province in Southwest Angola.

This organisational support was aimed at improved financial sustainability. Elements of the organisational support included the evaluation of structures, accounting systems, computerised invoicing system and human resource support (coaching and training staff).   Portuguese.

1997 – 1999
NOVIB – Oxfam Netherlands
Financial Programme Officer for Eastern Europe and SMO projects.

Desk officer for the co-funding organisation Novib in the Netherlands Giving shape to the Novib policy towards Eastern Europe in co-ordination with other members of the Eastern Europe desk, giving backstopping support, co-ordinate and evaluate the different programs run Europe by partner organisations and visit them regularly.

The projects in Moldova and in Ukraine were environmental projects on soil pollution and the pollution coming from chemical factories.

The projects in Albania and Bulgaria were on civic society building.

I kept contacts with all parties like external donors and support agencies. I prepared project proposals, budgets and external reports for donors.

1995 -1997
Financial Programme Officer for Central and Western Africa.

Desk officer for the well fare organisation Memisa , specialised in medical aid based in the Netherlands . Drawing up and appraisal of project proposals, budgets and analyse progress reports.

Writing the reports to the EU, the Dutch government and other donors. He carried out operational audits of NGO’s to determine theire capability to implement projects. Moreover advise and provision of backstopping support to emergency and rehabilitation projects of the organisation in the field and to partners.

I also gave financial training for administrators going to work in the field.

Taken :
Opstellen en beoordelen projektvoorstellen, budgetten en financiele rapportages.
Opzetten van administraties voor noodhulp- en rehabilitatieprojekten.
Begeleiden, adviseren en monitoren van projektpartners in het veld.
Geven van boekhoudcursussen voor administrateurs in het veld.

1992 – 1995
SNV (Dutch Development Organisation)
Financial Controller

Zambia (Seconded by SNV, Dutch Development Organisation) attached to Muzama Crafts Ltd. Muzama Crafts traded in certified timber, furniture and commodities.

A green mark was licensed to them as to the 1st community owned forest in Africa by the Soil Association through the Forest Stewardship Council.
Responsible for the complete reorganisation of the administration and training of staff.

Complete rewriting of the Administrative Manual. Set-up of a Management Information System and to the internal and external reporting.

1987 – 1992
Netherlands Revenue Service
Tax Accountant (Tax inspector)

Performance of financial (tax) audits of big and medium sized companies for the determination of the true amount of taxes to be paid for company tax, VAT, salary tax and income tax.

Accounts training in the internal training institute of the Tax Office.

1985 – 1987
Teacher of Business Administration
Netherlands Teaching business administration, business economics and statistics in a College.

1978 – 1985
Teacher of German language
Netherlands Teaching German language, literature and business correspondence in a College.

1973 – 1974
Junior teacher
Teaching English and German language in a secondary school in Sibut, Central African Republic.

Employment record

2000 – … Independent consultant

1999 – 2000 Provincial Water Board, Lubango , Angola (for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

1997 – 1999 NOVIB, the Hague , the Netherlands

1995 – 1997 Memisa, Rotterdam , the Netherlands

1992 – 1995 Muzama Crafts Limited, Manyinga, NWP, Zambia

(for SNV, Dutch Development Organisation , Zambia)

1987 – 1992 Dutch Tax Office, BGO Arnhem , the Netherlands

1985 – 1987 College of Economics, Nijmegen , the Netherlands

1978 – 1985 Grammar school of Rheden, Rheden, the Netherlands

1973 – 1974 College pour Enseignement Général , Central African Republic


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